Chillin w/Platinum - fan wins date NYC

So we had a fan win a date with me and we chilled at Times Square. During our date my partners in crime called and asked if we wanted to play spades, he was down so naturally we had to show face and check out the game face. When we get there, Brooklyn (our lovely hostess) and her partner Q had already beat the boys and won. So we walked in at the VIDEO part in the link above. Check it out on YouTube. From there, things got progressively crazier and ofcourse much more fun.

The "fan" got a lapdance from all the girls... and ended up playing strip spades and LOSING. Talk about shannigans.. I got my lap dance OFCOURSE.. and 6am we finally called it a night but not after having an hour conversation about sex, orgasms and our fantasies.

I tell ya being me is special :) Today, I hooked up the router so I could get online from the laptop and get things done. I have updated AND so definitely take the time to check that out. You can see ALL the pictures on :) til tomorrow much love ciao besos and kisses