Wow, is about all I can say from driving STRAIGHT 15hrs from NY! It was long over due time to come home and re-group.. put things in perspective and plan this out better. The tour is NOT over, just going to do things ALOT different this time. 15hrs is a long time to think about things and trust that some great ideas popped into my bored head while headed home. I came to the conclusion I need to find me a fuck buddy locally or get me a man! I need some GOOD ass~ how does a porn star be the least getting ass person you know? Hopefully on the next tour I can get some friends to come with me! That would be hot!

There really isn't anything exciting to write about the trip. Nothing happened, just driving, gasing up the car and singing old school tunes. I let Kitty do the cd's before I left and wound up with HAKUNA MATADA from Lion King on one of em! LMAO that girl is a hot mess.

Well I am SO glad to be home and will be back on cam as of Tuesday, maybe even with Italian Lace. More stuff to be put out soon as I get it off the cameras. Stay tuned and muahz!