It's always an adventure with Platinum Puzzy

Another day in the life, as they say. I have been hangin out in NY and you know there is never a dull moment there. Hangin out with the goons, fights breakin out... chicks trippin and thinkin they got game on me LOL And meeting someone in the music industry... Things have been fun to say the least.

As for - for those that don't know I am know longer working with the prior webmasters on the new site. We have agreed to end this amicably and what I intend to do next is still up in the air. The clips store is open and being updated with high quality videos. I will be back in cam shows and phone services soon so be on the look out of the announcement for my return.

I have been SUPER horny lately, and I think I met me someone who can fullfill my desires. Not just a one time shoot, or a booty call but maybe someone who can fullfill me full time! Yeahhhhhh that puts a big smile on my face. I have been seeing clients, meeting fans and trying to keep the tour alive but with all the bullshyt I have dealt with its soon to be cancelled. Too many guys with promises, requests and making appointments and then not following through.

Wish me luck :) And I am doing a casting call and requests for video ideas. Hit me up!

Much love PLATINUM