Just thinking about some things...

So I am sitting here reading about the political issues and topics for the elections next year, and I am TRULY astonished! There are some REALLY dumb issues being addressed. Seriously, I think I have a plan that will cut out and reduce government time so they can relieve themselves to handle WAR issues more appropriately instead of making immediate decisions to engage in a war that isn't solving anything. They say it's about the gas, but it's really about redemption of control. Chaos within our own country is breaking out and here we are sending our troops to organize a culture that thinks killing is a form of worship and praise.

By now I am sure you are more than eager to find out what my plan is to get our country back on track and focused on our own social development, financial improvement and restructure of our future.

#1. End the war. Let them people be. We have been wasting money, resources and time finding alternate forms of fuel for years. Let's use the information we have to continue creating resources such as hybrid cars by making them cheaper and their services etc more affordable. I know it sounds inhumane but let them be.

#2. Stop wasting our tax dollars on senseless drug raids, prostitution stings and relentless, drawn out legal proceedings on "alleged crimes" that aren't a direct danger to our society. Ofcourse, drugs can be harmful I don't deny that but no matter what you do they are around. Find a way to legalize certain things, tax the dealers AND the buyers. Make it less taboo and see how many people REALLY want to do them. Regardless, stop wasting tax money on trying to stop drug trafficing and sales and turn that money into profit. Same thing with prostitution. WHO GETS HURT? If a man's in need of loving and wants a no-strings encounter with a woman who is willing to provide a service, let her get paid and let the man go on about his business without having to suffer an arrest and humiliation. You will make more money taxing the hoes twice as much as the average tax payer than trying to catch and arrest the ladies who provide and the men who seek. Who is really being hurt? No one. Our laws are based on social beliefs and religious values that they themselves often don't follow. And Gay marriages. WHY IS IT ILLEGAL? Who cares if Bob and Jim want to get married? The point, focus on laws that actually create HARM like sexual predators, murderers, drunk drivers, child support evaders...

#3 Stop housing government officials in mansions and put they asses in government housing. As they eat filet mignon and sleep in 1000 count egyptian cotton sheets with maid services, they should be literally living like the commoner. Make the governor sleep in the ghetto for a night and find that he will do alot more to better the lives of our people instead of chasing laws to make gay marriages illegal or gays adopting children unconstitutional. With all the broken homes, disfunctional families and crazy ass kids.. I don't think having 2 dads or 2 moms that LOVE them unconditionally is law breaking. Yes, it does contradict Christian values but our country is the land of the free, freedom of religion so why are our laws Christian based? Doesn't that enflict ONE religions beliefs on a country full of people from different religious background?

#4 Pay attention to issues in other countries or situations where their culture educates their youth and makes things "less taboo" such as sex. In Europe, nudity & sex are on tv. Here in the states it is illegal to be nude in public, and discussing sex can be a form of breaking the law depending on where and whom is present etc. Taking into consideration the fact that Europe is less taboo about sex, they also have a much lower teen pregnancy rate and educate their youth young about responsibility, rights and respect.

#5 Bring back the Clintons. Enough said.

That will conclude today's intricate thoughts of an insane nerd brain! :) Til next time!