Manic Monday

If given thy way, the fans will come and show some love! The fan forum is now up and there are already a couple of posts... I am excited. I hate it when I go through all these moves to make my life and career an open book and it seems no one is paying attention. I work hard to make my site better and to find ways to open up and let you guys in. After all this is about you. So it's Monday, and the house doesn't want to move... everyone is having issues getting up and getting motivated to start the day. I was up til 4am, then back up at 9am. Seems that I am getting less and less sleep. I need to bust a real good nut. A night of pure pleasure where I am not worried about pleasing someone else but being pleased myself. I don't even know if I am capable of letting someone please me without pleasing them back. WOW - do we have a challenge? I am ALWAYS up for a challenge so I should wing that one.

I need to shoot. Bottom line is that I need to produce more content! lol Anyone interested? Then I get those that pretend they want to shoot but they really just want to fuck for fun. Listen, I would LOVE to find my man out there somewhere and THAT is who I would fuck for fun on a regular basis but until then its strictly business. Why is that so hard to understand? Dude been buggin about shooting with me, when I tell him anyone can obtain a copy if they buy it off the internet now he talkin he gotta rethink if it was hidden information. Please.

I don't know what's going on with the site today - I put in THIS hot update (at the top) and a fresh video for your viewing pleasure and something seems to be wrong with the server. Figures, my update is TOO hot for the net! LOL Let me get back to my hustle, lots to do in such little time. Muahz...