Back from Atlanta... and I need some REST!

That's a LONG fuckin drive and I am so glad to be back in my hood. Ofcourse I did the sneak attack and didn't tell anyone I was coming back when I did, dropped by the PLATINUM DICK and got me some goody goody. Atlanta was cool tho, I loved it. Not sure if I would actually move there, but definitely a great place to get away, eat some good food and do some shopping. I did stay in a FAT ass suite in which I took a video of and did some video while I was there. Gotta unwind a bit and once I do I will get straight to editing and get it up on the site for you. For those who are making sure I have a great holiday, fans etc and alike - I am giving out some free gifts this weekend - so definitely stay tuned for the Christmas gift drop. :) You could win a free day's pass to my site, or hot videos, dvd's, cam shows, free phone minutes and more! Definitely keep your eyes out for that. The above cam phone pics are of the style I got done while in Atlanta... curly curls. Right down the street from Stone Mountain (BEAUTIFUL) the hair salon employs a great friend of mine who hooked it up so sweet. I didn't get to go to Magic City but I drove past it... and that's definitely a MUST go for the next trip. Eeeeeeeweeeeeeee...! Til tomorrow - SMOOCHES