Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays...

Good lawd I am SOOO glad that these holidays are only here ONCE a year! I can't wait for them to pass and be into 2008 shakin things up, and makin noise in the amatuer bbw world! I went to a Christmas party and had a blast, but just not in the mood this year. I ran this hot special which some of you were able to take advantage of. I might carry it through the new year - 6 mths membership to 30 min cam time and 6 videos off of for ONLY $50. $170 value. If you are interested, email me and we can work something out. As for my really great dick, he is gone for the holidays :( Whhhhhhhaa.. He will be back the week of New Year's, hope I get to spend it with him. Also, running a contest for Valentine's day "WHO IS MY #1 FAN?" The details are sketchy, and the prize still being determined but keep your eyes open for the information leading to how that whole thing will go down. I will be back on cam after Dec 26th - actively camming so if you enjoy the great cam shows, definitely get on the prepaid time slot. Save yourself $ by paying for bulk time in advance. Also back on the personal meet and greets so check out my travel calendar at and if you want to stay in touch about the contest, casting calls, up and coming shoots, etc Aside from that, has been updated with 2 new hot sets and 3 new hot videos. :) $12.95 mth for over 8000 photos and 25 videos you can''t go wrong! Til later - Platinum Puzzy

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