Happy new year... almost

I know you think I'm a slacker, but I have been so focused on getting my updates... holiday stuff and personal stuff that blogging was just ignored. NOT INTENTIONALLY... just slipped my mind. So here I am, reaccessing the new year and reviewing the past year. Great all in all. But, I am definitely excited for the new year to come. I have great plans, motivation and hyped about some new projects I am working on. Although for some of you, the fact that I will be going to school full time and working my new job *yeah* so my tour 08 will be limited but nonetheless hit the places I am already obligated to go, and the new ones that seem most likely to make the best of what time I do have available. 07 had issues with that, money wasted on places that left me sitting in a hotel room online - I ain't goin 900 miles to sit online... so if you wanna see me - get on the ball. The hustle is on, and I wanna go to Vegas in January so - catch me while you can!! And don't forget to hit up my forum with suggestions, requests etc www.platinumpuzzyfan.com I can't wait to hear what is on YOUR mind.