I fucked up... damn I feel like shit

All I can say is how really shitty and stupid I feel. I thought I could be Mrs. hard ass, no feelings involved, just straight bangin...and be out. And USUALLY I am, hiding behind the non committed attitude as if its going to protect me from falling. WELL IT DIDN'T WORK! I have been hanging out with Mr Bomb Dick and enjoying his company and developed some interest. So, I start likin old boy... and then I fuck it up. I told him I was coming to spend the night, get there & do our thing... and then get dressed and leave. He had been working long hours, and stayed up with me previous nights so I knew he was tired. So I left thinking that I was being all in control. Then he calls me in the morning when he realizes I just left, and tells me how fucked up it was. Honestly, it was. Had it been done to me I would be pissed and upset so I admit I am wrong and apologize. He didn't call me or text me ALL day which he normally does and what made me really like him... being attentive and affectionate. That's my soap box. Good going Platinum... Did my radio show, some of you showed up and some got 1 week passes to www.platinumplumpas.com and videos from www.platinumpuzzy.net... You should tune in on Thursdays... prizes are getting OFF THE HOOK! Working on a budget for tour and to do some more video work. For my tour info www.puzzytour.com for my fan forum www.platinumpuzzyfan.com where you can post to be in a casting call and more... READY FOR FRIDAY YET?