I have been SO busy

It's been a hectic past couple of days with minimal sleep, lots of GREAT fucking (with someone I like) and working non-stop! I have new sites that direct you straight to information you seek like www.puzzytour.com is my calendar that gives you all the information you need on my next stop in the US... www.platinumpuzzyfan.com is my fan forum where you can request YOUR city, read reviews, make requests for content or to star in a video with me, and more... Other than that just been overwhlemed with more fake ass promises in this business. Promises to pay for trips then expect ME to cover it and pay me back then become missing in action. Real bogus bullshyt. But that's ok.. I GOT THIS. Just a real pain in the ass when you think muh fuccas are TRUE and trying to help ya out and find out they just gassin you with bullshyt. Ugh. Fuck ya... lol Aside from that headed to Atlanta soon and will be relaxin and havin a ball there. Gonna hit the club tonight and check out the Atlanta lifestyle. If you some A boys hit me up cuz Im gonna be gettin down.... :) Gonna make some videos and what not... so be on the look out for those. Catch ya later sweeties!