It just keeps gettin better....

See, if you wait long enough you will be blessed! And I know I have... with some MORE great dick! Got a call to come meet a "fan" and he seemed really cool talkin on the phone so I thought why not. Went out to St Auggie and he was just as cool in person as on the phone... had dinner.. drinks... and then started watching American Gangsta (which gangsta movies turn me ON!) so next thing you know he was suckin on my breasts, and lickin the platinum.. and BAM I was like "Get a condom and fuck my fat ass!! " Sooner than I could say wrap it up, he was slidin it in and fuckin the holy shyt outta me! Nice thick dick and he was hittin all the right spots OMG... perfect. Ofcourse I threw some moves on him that had him sweatin and goin nuts. Then we just chilled, finished our drinks... fucked some more and then again... until I had to leave. And guess what? He wants to do some movies with me!! I am utterly excited to say the least! And he is coming back next week :) Santa gave me my gift EARLY!

Oh new video from last week is FINALLY up! Yeahhhhhh :)