It's here - welcome 2008!

As 2007 draws to a close, it's time to reflect on personal gains and losses. Never dwelling on the losses too much, as they only become opening doors paving way for more good in our lives. Learning lessons, and gaining truth is what we set out to do... as well learn about ourselves. The things I have learned are simple yet complicated. I have learned to presevere through adversity and triumph through tribulations. When others tried to hold me down, it only opened my eyes to what is important to me and allowed me to refocus. In those moments I was able to conquer fear, depression, and life's altering moments with my head held high. Accepting me for me, and gaining more and more self confidence and security.. I rose to brighten my own life with the light that had been gracing lives all along. 2007 has been difficult at times, but overall I can honestly say that for the most part it was fun. I enter into 2008 with new found friends, regained friends and more enemies... the circle of life they call it. I have a new game plan and new things planned with hopes that I can make things happen. I appreciate those who have been by my side and made this possible. Without you, there is no me. Muahzzzzzzzz Oh and those photos at the top were my top 3 favorites this last year. :)