Lawd have mercy!!

First of all, the update is up - sorry for the delay but apparently the FTP program I have is having some problems so... there was stuff there but my webmaster couldn't get to it. Bad Business is the name of this set, and trust me - I get NAUGHTY! The tour is going slow due to weather issues and budget problems for the cities I hit that were non-profitable. I get alot of responses then when its time for the real deal they flake. This business can be SO frustrating! :) So .. my date the other night hasn't called or anything since our little night of fuckin... CANCEL that. I don't play THAT game. I am working on the sites to get them 100% for you guys. I know its cold and you wanna curl up to a fire and look at my fat ass!! I have more videos coming soon too... still on the search for reliable stunt dick. The forum is the place to check out what you need to do to get on that page. Also looking for fetish freaks and slaves of all kinds. Financial bitches are out there and I am going to dominate your wallet sorry sissy! LOL @ all of that. On that note, I'm going to head out. Catch me tomorrow as update my tour list. Budgeting is a bitch!