I hate 9-5... AHHH!

You heard it right, I hate the 9-5 life! I had gotten so acustomed to making my own schedule and doing what I want how I want that I am not adapting very well~! I was supposed to go relieve frustrations with my #1 dick, not the ex - but something else came up which made it virtually impossible to go. And on top of that I found out that one of my top potentials for a relationship is a total playa... and the other one who BEGGED me to be with him is just full of shyt. So - at the end of the day I am back to squar 1! WTF is up with that? The question is always "Why am I single?" It's simple. I have learned to love myself, and because I do I refuse to settle down with someone who isn't bein 100% with me. Pretty much bottom line on that issue. So I have my out of town guy who I enjoy fuckin, but still don't know about whether there is potential for more. I like him, but just see some discrepancies already. Am I being TOO picky? Or is it right for ME to know what I want and not settle for less? I deserve better than what I am being faced with... so why not expect more? I don't want a relationship now ANYWAYS... so its just for the best. (But that doesn't stop me from gettin that nasty GREAT dick that I love from Mr Good Good)

I am getting ready to shoot this weekend and REALLY interested in hearing your suggestions, requests and thoughts on what you want to see. Talk to me at the FAN FORUM and tell me what it is that's gonna get your wallets out and your dicks standing at attention for me! Don't forget to keep an eye out on my CALENDAR to see where I might be headed to ... Updates coming on my SITE real soon... gotta get the FTP back up and running.

CASTING CALL is coming soon too! I will be working with a popular Down South adult bbw film company to start a series of hot, BBW hardcore action. Definitely be on top of your game for that opportunity if you are interested. Until then, I'm going to pull out one of those dildo's and get SOME action tonight! Til next time...