I'm sorry, but I have to....

Leave for a while... I haven't decided if my absence from the business is permanent or temporary but I need some time off. I have had ALOT of drama from it lately and just in life in general. For those still due videos, cam shows and personal time I will get with you and make sure you get whats due. After that, my presence online will be gone. I hate that I have to do it, but I am sure you understand. This business can be demanding, exhausting and very frustrating at times and with the additional personal strifes I can't manage EVERYTHING right now. I am thinking of each of you.. and hope to return soon.

NOTICE: www.platinumpuzzy.net has been disabled.

I am not sure how I intend to handle the remainder of my sites, but will post you as to the decisions regarding the other sites. www.platinumplumpas.com will remain active and updated for the months to come. There were some of you who purchased 6mth memberships and that is the only site right now I committ to updating. Thank you for your support.