Relaxing weekend, wish I had company

Im headed to the sports bar to watch the game and I was supposed to be with my special friend but... he text messaged me and said that he can't make it. So I am in this fat ass suite again, all by myself getting the much needed rest I have been lackin thru-out the week. I did get to see him the other night, he drove 2 hours to see me and had to leave EARLY in the morning to go to work, so I can't complain. I just bought made groceries cuz this suite has a kitchen so I was gonna make a nice candle lit dinner tonight. Now I am going to go party with the guys...and some female friends as well... watch the Jags and who knows what afterwards.

I saw the drama in the yahoo group. My response was genuine and geez, the drama just escalates for no reason at all. I am puttin a stop to ALL rumors. My absence from the adult industry is as a result of a few things. ONE I am working now, a business venture that will set up for future business ventures IN the adult industry. Its not easy doin the 9-5, but it has to be done. TWO - my main computer has a virus so I haven't been able to send anything or barely get on the internet. My laptop is a savior!!

My birthday is coming up and the list of things I want and need are generally the same although I did get the bath & bodyworks Japanese cherry blossom and vera wang perfume. So, there are still a ton of things I could use :) I will repost the list, cuz there are some of you asking. I even have some of you wanting to send Christmas stuff .. okay! LOL Much love to all of you and I will be shooting tomorrow so YEAHHHHHHHHHH for new content! GO JAGS