Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hey ya'll...

What's up my lovely's? Just checkin in like I said I would... things have been super. My birthday was Friday Feb 1st... and I had a blast, aside from losing a hunk of cash ($500) and having a friend go to jail I was cool. I had a magnificent lunch with friends.... my feet/nails/hair done. Then on to a fat ass restaurant for dinner with more friends and family. Can you say it made getting older SO much easier? LOL Since leaving the business ALOT of my personal issues have managed to resolve themselves. I am really baffled by this observation and really re-evaluating whether getting back into the business is worth it. Is it a sign from above? Is is simply just a change in pace? I don't know but things are TOO good to fuck it up now... we shall see where it goes from here. I miss ya'll.... and I have been back on the dick deprovation band wagon. Sacrifices anyone? Unfortunately. So I will be back - to write you updates... muahz

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