Friday, March 7, 2008


I can't wait!! Less than a week until Jammin Jennie and I are in the same house together shooting GREAT content for you horny fellas out there! That Friday we are having a VIP Film party at a local club in Jacksonville, FL $25 to cum party with us!! Email me for more details. The perv cam is going to be on at the party AND while we are shooting so you definitely want to get in on that deal. I have been rippin and runnin getting prepared for her arrival. I want her to feel super welcome and I have to be prepared to get straight to work cuz this lady means business!! And... SHE WANTS TO DOM ME! Now do YOU think that is going to work? That remains to be seen. As for work, it's been hectic. The regular work thing is a pain in the ass and having 3 full time jobs doesn't help. Grindin baby! That's what made Jen's visit possible AND the VIP party... so I am staying focused. What do YOU guys wanna see? Tell us! We have very well endowed male packages coming to fuck the shit out of us and have you drooling wishing it was your cock inside our fat pussy's! Mmmm... Hot cam is going to be pretty consistant nightly. LOTS to surely cum !!! Stay in touch ....

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