Sadly she is gone, but soon back in her XxXx

Some text might be nice huh? LOL I originally sent this blank not realizing that I had nothing written. I miss Jen. I am already planning a trip up there to see her, shoot with her up in her hood and some of the other models she knows. That should be hella fun. I need a computer chair ANYONE? My fat ass broke the chair I have... and geez this is the 2nd this year. Ofcourse these aren't the real expensive nice ones that I want. Perhaps someone will donate a very nice office chair to support their favorite part of my body - my fat ass! LOL The laptop is going out and time to replace. Sound like wish list? Yeah, business has been slow - probably my fault. Although I have been updating and what not, with good content - I don't know if it is generally slow for everyone right now or what. On another note, planning another shoot with hopes for better results. I got so taken advantage on this one. Jen was VERY reliable but everyone else was all willing to let me spend my money then reap the rewards with no effort. Sure learned alot about folks on this. Found out who is real, who is fake - who is professional and who not. Jammin Jennie is definitely a professional. She was productive and even motivated me to get stuff done even tho I was super tired from a long day @ work. As for others not mentioned, they are just full of "how can I help someone Else's expense" I made a few mistakes myself, but quickly tried to do some damage control, take responsibility and fix the situation. Unfortunately, others decided to be immature, unprofessional about it. It's all good. Jen and I got a ton of things done so it wasn't in vain. As for male talent.. you guys are always claiming you want to be in our photos and videos yet when it's time to show up you either don't come, or you get here and can't do your job. These aren't FREE fuck for all's. They are shoots. If you can't get it up stay home. If you can't give a cum shot stay home. If you coming just to fuck and not film, stay home. If you don't plan to show up or can't make it CALL! I am so tired of unreliable male talent that lets you plan, spend and arrange shoots they never show to. Geez the headaches of this business. LMAO - aiight - time to get some new video up!! Muahzzzzzz Kari