When it rains it pours

So, things have gotten chaotic lately. With the recent fall out between me and an unnamed entertainment company which has really taken its toll on me personally because I thought we were friends as well as business associates, that began the start of the chaos. As that situation remains unresolved, I wrote an email last night that explained my side of things and apologized. I don't know what else to do from there. So I let that stew on a back burner until it either works itself out or I have to manage it differently. Aside from that, there were some other truths that managed to make way to light this weekend on other people's involvement in "trashing" me personally and professionally. I hate when people try to save face and act like they never said anything about you. Words are petty.. so I let it fly like the wind. Especially when they come from someone who ain't doin any better than you, matter of fact not doing well at all. How the hell you gonna judge me and you yourself not even on the same level? <> but it just reitterates that others will tear you down in attempts to redirect the focus from their own faults. So, the next shoot is being planned although this time I think I am going to keep my money and let everyone pay for their own things. I spent entirely too much money this last time and although the lack of content had a lots to do with me being sick, I still could have been less flashy and more penny saving. I wasn't tryin to be flashy, but I wanted a successful shoot and in the end I just ended up feeling like I could have done things differently. I am slightly discouraged for the moment, but refocusing my energy to improving my sites, updating with more content and continuing on life's lessons. What's on the hot plate for Ms Platinum? Well last night you missed the hot "fuck show" I had my ex over and we are getting back together but with an open relationship and he fucked the living shit outta me on cam. I had a couple of fans who were lucky enough to get to watch and they thoroughly enjoyed it. Next time I will announce it for those of you who would have loved to get in on the action. That sums up today's post. Best wishes to al - Kari