A day in my life

It's late night Wednesday and I get an email, Platinum - we want to know what its like as you in your every day routine and life. At first I thought to myself "Why... or damn, that's kind of intrusive" but then I realized its really not. So I get up @ 5am to make sure that everyone in the house gets up and out the door so I can start my day. By 6, I am in the shower and dressed. I eat some breakfast, hit a few sit ups and on to the computer where I spend 99% of my day. I check myspace, read emails and answer everything myself personally. Ofcourse I am on yahoo messenger too getting all kinds of "get on cam for me" "send me nude pics" blah blah - retarded shit I hear all day every day. I post up some new videos on www.platinumpuzzy,net, after spending a good hour editing and getting the promo pics ready and then bust bulletins on the sites advertising them. I take some pics to put up... do a video or two and back to editing and posting. Answer some messages on yahoo and emails, and back to the grind. :)