Fakes vs Real

In this business you have to be careful of the "fakes" From fake producers looking for free content and a free fuck, to fake models trying to get some advice and tips on how to prosper in the biz. Although I don't mind giving advice, my time is valuable and doesn't need to be wasted on girls looking to "scam" folks. I have spent the last few days really thinking about who I have come across in this business and who is categorized under each of the fakes and real's. For the most part, I am happy to report that a good majority of the people I have come across showed no signs of fakes with me at least. Ofcourse EVERYONE has a story to tell about someone else in the business, where things didn't go as well as they had hoped or planned - that is totally to be expected. I get alot of emails, instant messages, etc from guys who make totally false claims, build your head up with lies, and flat out promise things they can't and never could provide. HUGE turn off... and now I am realizing that I have fallen victim to some situations that put me in less than flattering situations. Its all coming to an end. I have considered leaving the business for good (again) but that's not happening at least not now. I think I am going to reorganize and reassess those I talk to on a regular, those I trust and those I remain in contact with on a regular basis. Time for a change... as we all know I got shafted in Miami. A temper tantrum erupted after we did photos and the video of me chokin on some cum.. he promised all these things... he DID in fact come thru with tickets to the Exxxotica.. but really that was it - considered sending him the shyt he sent me where he said all these things "just get to Miami" but that isn't really necessary. So he finds out that I filmed a video (aside from the one with him) while I was here and felt "entitled" to view it for free just because he gave me tickets to Exxxotica. Are you serious? Then he holds the content hostage and basically tells me to fuck off... because I told him NO to the video. That's what this business is all about... someone does ONE thing for you and they think they are entitled to whatever the fuck they want. If saying NO.. .taking a stand for myself makes me a bitch... FINE - so be it. I will be the bitch, but I certainly would rather report back as being the bitch, or changing my mind about "agreeing" to fuck you when that's really not what I want...than to do it and be mad at myself for not taking a stand. I've learned from past history it is a HUGE mistake to do anything unless I am 100% sure that's what I want to do. So before you try to throw a guilt trip on me... I am totally prepared to be the bitch... fuck what ya heard... now its time to learn!