Hot weekend in Miami

I didn't really promote this trip because up until the day I left I wasn't really sure I was going to go... but I made it to Miami Friday evening. All I can say is, it has been one of the best trips ever! Friday night, I met up with a fan I met down there, who took some cool photos of me at this condo on South Beach. Then he endulged me with an infamous cum shot all over my face and in my mouth that... fuckin gagged me. That shit went flying everywhere and up my nose! Then he is fuckin laughing about it.. but it is what it is. When you think you are ready, doesn't always mean that you are! LOL Then Saturday, we hung out at the shops looking for bathing suits... ofcourse MY fat ass found NOTHING remotely large to fit me. --Mental note, BIG GIRL STORES @ SOUTH BEACH-- There are hella bbw's in Miami and on South Beach so for someone who is interested in helping me start my clothing line, PLATINUM PLAYWEAR, its time for a store that has BIG GIRL clothes at Miami Beach! So I made due with what I had, hit the beach and the pool at the hotel for a little while. Boy, only out for an hour and already pink in the skin! Headed back to the hotel to work on promo's for Exxxotica and get ready to go up there. I didn't spend a whole lot of time at Exxxotica, matter of fact NEVER even made it in the convention because I met one of my fans who recognized me in the parking area and OMG - he was SOOOOOOOO fuckin fine. He just basically said if I ever want to shoot with someone in a phat as condo in Miami he would be happy to. So you know my next question was, what are you doing right now? He said he was just leaving the convention. I didn't know how serious he was, but you know me - all about the hustle so I asked if he was interested in shooting RIGHT THEN, and he said YES! So we followed him to this phat ass apartment where we basically just got down to business... We filmed, fucked and cleaned up - went on about our business. Needless to say, for me it was AMAZING! I told him we will have to do this more often... and he agreed! Comments following our fuck session "That shit is incredible...juicy and wet...squirted everywhere" So I left on cloud 9 cuz that was some of the best dick I have ever experienced in my life! From there we went to hotel where I ordered some Italian food,and then went to the pool to relax. Ate and hit the pillow cuz I was exhausted. Slept really good, and now I am up and ready to get on to the last day of my adventure in Miami :) New travel dates & locations are coming soon.