Friday, April 18, 2008

Miami here I come...

I know I have been less than loyal to blogging.. but busy nonetheless. I have been working my ass off to make sure I have the money to fund these shoots. This weekend I head to Miami for Exxxotica to represent Dirty Dade Gear and do some promoting for the sites. Also going to shoot with Daddy Long Leg,,, and the Cum Shot King,. this should be fuckin great, And ofcourse Miami is Miami so how can you NOT have fun> Virtually impossible.. and with a bitch like me its bound to be the fuckin bomb! Updates on Platinumplumpas have been slow... sorry about that. I am reorganizing the content and making sure it is up to par. If I have typos I am in the car and cant read what I am typing LOL The love life is back to boring. I just dont have time to entertain drama or bullshyt. I cut them mofo's loose... I need stability, trust and honest. 3 things that seem to be NON exsistnat. So on to my porn life I go! Muahs

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