New month, fresh attitude and new goals

I need some dick dammit! lol Things have been upside down for a while lately. Trying to get things under control you know how that goes? LIFE. SO, I have some more models coming out soon. MALE TALENT? We know how the last fuck film fest turned out, with no shows and models that bailed. That doesn't stop me though. I can't let others lack of ambition or strive to do better get me down. I have way too much going for me to let the petty things hinder my progress. On the better things.. I have gotten some emails on what you guys want to see... and I am going to make an effort to get them up ASAP. There are new videos from fuck film fest 08 on the site as well as new photo updates and videos coming soon on you GOTTA check em out! Oh, and I updated the graphics on there too. Trying to upgrade yanno? :) Other than that, I have a shoot planned this week with my ex, who is going to do some POV work for me. And I am trying to get down to Miami to do some fetish work with one of my freaky friends and this would be my first adventure with some white meat. I love cock, but never had a chance to get some white meat. That excites me... <> So be on the look out for that! It's that time to wrap it up again... so Muahz!