Tired Tuesday

I want to give up the day job! Why I took on a full time job is beyond me - oh wait I know why, because I needed the money to fund these trips and shoots. Ok, back to the regularly scheduled program. LOL Nah for real tho, I am exhausted. What should have been a vacation in Miami turned out to be a working trip and no play! Geez... but the shoot was so fuckin good that I can consider that some great lovin. So my radio show starts back Thursday and I will have Rece Steele from Ego Trips Miss Rap Supreme on the show as my guest! Check out her music.. and hear what she has to say about being on the show! Also I will be talking about my Exxxotica experiences and shout out to my Aries birthdays, recap American Idol performaneces and much much more so dont forget to tune in! Oh and the new video is up on www.platinumpuzzy.net - updates to come on www.platinumplumpas.com and I am signing off