Where have I been? I would be lying if I said vacation... I have been busy with every day life, business ventures and trying to get some minor details squared away personally. So much time and money invested that sometimes the personal life gets neglected or simply suffers. So I am back, and in full effect. Remember before I mentioned those brief breaks mentally? Yeah, this was definitely one of them. The recent fall outs with some of what I thought business associates and partners took their toll on me. Sucks when you give a fuck... now I don't so next chapter. What's on the agenda? Hmm... not going to spill the beans and spoil the surprise but definitely some hot cocks are in my future! :) You can count on that.... and ofcourse my OC - original cock LOL Donovan will be re-emerging from the land of the missing. Can't wait to get back on that horse! Stay tuned as I say... and no the rumors about me getting married and being with someone are not true. I was chillin with someone but you know my attention span is minimal... catch you later! Muahz!