Summer plans

Summer is coming and its time to get back into the full grind of things. I have SO much going on.. it makes it very difficult to properly balance everything. I am learning. YOU guys get my attention that is definitely for sure! I can't wait until July 18th cuz that's the weekend I go to Tampa and shoot with Danny Blaq - cuckold's dream & if you are a local cuckold hit me up Limited amount of time and availability. Anyone else looking to hook up - very unlikely but hit me up. We have alot planned.. especially hittin up the BBW Club to do a live radio show - it's going to be a blast! For those of you checking out the photo to the top... that is being placed there in memory of the good times I had with Italian Lace. Since her move, our recent fall out and the refusal to return my calls - I miss her. I ain't mad no more.... just disappointed that we couldn't talk about things instead of just parting ways. It's all good tho - I ain't hatin. Sometimes you just gotta keep pushin and along the way you lose friends with it. On a better note, I am getting into better health. This stuff I have been taking is phenominal. I am NOT trying to lose a ton of weight... I repeat - I am NOT trying to lose a bunch of weight. However, I am trying to maintain a healthy living standard that will allow me to be around longer and live HAPPIER! If you want to know HOW I am managing to do that... email me - Oh and tonight I am doing BOY GIRL fuck shows... so if interested email me! By the way, my girlfriend is moving in and we are going to be on cam ALOT! Hahah - til next time - kisses!