FREE CAM shows...?

That's right! It's TRUE! ~~ yes, FREE cam show! But... it's not what you think. It's not a "take this off, show me this, bend over and do that" kind of show. It's an opportunity to get to know me... and if I just happen to get a little frisky and show a nipple or two then cool. If not, then you got to spend 30 minutes with me shooting the breeze and getting to know me better. Sorry guys... so my dry spell of "dickless" nights is over. Yes - you heard it right... I got me some GOOD dick today! It was totally unexpected but well worth the wait. My very good friend and prior fuck buddy "D" text messaged me randomly. Ofcourse the first thing that popped in my naughty mind was "I wanna fuck the shit outta him.." So naturally the conversation led to the dirty comments and eventually I just replied with "Let's just fuck and get it over with.." So he was like "ARE YOU SERIOUS?? ~~ Hell yeah!!~~" Got off work, went STRAIGHT to his house where he had a nice little dinner waiting, fed my fat ass and then fucked me senseless! We would STILL be there now if it wasn't for bad weather and having to drive home to avoid being caught in it. I sucked the skin off his dick... and let him rail me from behind like a hammer! He said the pussy was so tight it was like fuckin a virgin. Wow - I doubt that but hell.. if it was good to him that's all that matters! Wet wet ~ Mmmm... I am sleepy now - had me a good meal, some good dick and ready to sleep the night away. No cam shows tonight... I need a rest. That's all for today - much love and kisses ~ Kari aka Platinum Puzzy