Hell yeah....summer is here!

I spent all night getting up the new girl who is ready to do some hot & steamy cam shows/phone with ya... I didn't get any done myself cuz I had to make sure she was up and running... but I will be later today so be ready for that! I slept alone last night, my recent booty escapade had to leave for out of town but we did have some naughty phone sex til 11pm. If I had the time I would have flown out with him.. especially with my up & coming travel schedule we aren't going to see each other much. BUT... the good thing is I am doing TONS of shoots with some of the hottest guys so best believe the new content will be DOPE as hell! And I have new female models jumping on board so it's a hot summer in 08! I have been shopping for a new dildo and strap on. My girlfriend BROKE the one we had... and not the way you think or hope. She was playing around and fucked it up. I sent it back because it was fairly new although we had used it TONS of times... but they said that the warranty (yeah dildos have warranties) had run out. So we are shopping for more toys to play with. I am quite interested in some glass products for my ass... any opinions, comments or suggestions? I'm not a huge toy educated person so some of this is all so new to me. I know its time to do another 2 BBC 3 SUM with bigger dicks, better looking guys - no pun to my co-stars from the first one but this came as request. You know I have MAD love for the guys who got me started and have been VERY good to me... Maybe Tampa with Danny Blaq and ROCK will produce a hot video like that... hmmm.. also cuckold's you want to email us a request NOW to watch these big black dick mofo's pound my fat ass ... platinumpuzzy@gmail.com - already we are getting mad requests so get in while you can! New updates are up for www.platinumplumpas.com and www.platinumpuzzy.net - Aside from that.. BUSY day ~ so catch all of ya later! Muahz