Truly excited!!!

The best way to describe what I am feeling right now is true excitement!! There are a ton of projects in the works and definitely alot of rising stars in my future! I know you have read about my up and coming shoot with Danny Blaq and a kid in Tampa called "Rock" although he doesn't have anything out - and I have yet to determine if he is for real or not... seems to me he is some kid claiming photos of this fine brotha down there but yet to establish any real contact information and switches up names and emails like I do panties (when I wear them that is) LOL Nonetheless, there is tons more beautiful talented men dying to get on camera with me and squeeze the gushy juices out of this sweet & tight pussy. I do have a very big named star in LA who I am planning to shoot with in the very near future. Can't tell you who it is, cuz its a surprise but he has a foot long dick! Yes, you heard that right folks.... dick for days and I get the pleasure of putting that in my mouth! There is also another kid in Cali who is a nice lookin cat, been on cam with him alot lately and he seems totally legit although a bit shy about going on cam with me so we will see where that leads. Lots of hot video for you to see in the near future. AND - the big excitement is the new site that will launch end of summer at the soonest. Its so huge, that its going to take months to put together. It is going to be like NOTHING you have ever seen before!! Seriously, I researched all the girls sites and they all offer the same shit... so I wanted something that would blow your mind...and trust that when this launches its going to be huge! Plus this summer will be the first time trying white dick (no pun) - yes indeed my first white guy ever and on video JUST for you to see!!! This summer is going to be hotter than ever... definitely stay tuned! Oh, and I got a call from Ms Kitty Lixxx who invited me to a summer melt down in NYC in August... ofcourse I already had plans to go there - but this is another reason to go again! It's on and poppin -- muahz - time to hit the hay and get some much needed beauty rest after a long weekend of dick down rodeo riding! 0- Oh did I forget to mention that my booty call stayed the weekend and we literally fucked the mattress off the bed? yes, sir - mouth watering, sheet grabbin OMG great fuckin... indeed a wonderful weekend!