Friday, July 18, 2008

Keepin my head up....

The truth shall set you free, and in this altered state of confusion I'm not sure if what I have discovered is truth or simply my distorted opinion. Hey - lol - been MIA for a while, getting some things in order. Life's wrenches don't come with warnings and tend to create flats and leave you checking into the insanity department. Ok, over dramatized but definitely I am feeling a bit of rage and resentment. Certainly not feeling appreciated for trying to be the bigger person in some less than appealing situations, but fuck it - it is what it is. Seems I have been challenged in a blog war. WTF is that all about? Say what you gotta say to me directly, instead of behind my back or in a fuckin blog. Do you think I care THAT much to go reading thru your blogs? Hahaha, no. I barely have time to write my own which is far more important than reading yours. I only heard about it as a fellow friend who happens to be a fan, read it and told me I might be concerned. I probably should be, but I'm not. You can only do your best, and if others don't like it - fuck em. A word from the wise. Anyone who knows me knows what I am referencing, but I refuse to call folks out by name or even give specific details to the incident. UNLIKE others, who play totally unfairly and with malicious intent... I express myself in a manner that is more defined as class. So that leaves my opponent on the tail of being an "ass." I didn't even realize until a short time ago that I was being engaged in anything. The silence pretty much gave me all the information I needed. Seems to be par for the course up in this biz. That's when you realize that people just really don't care or have your best interest at heart... even though that's what it seems like. Maybe my people interpretation is all wrong... matter of fact, I am willing to bet that is what it is. I really want to believe that people are good hearted, genuinely honest individuals. Then I find out... I am SO wrong. So - I leave this vent saying that - I came I saw and I could care less :) Oh... no dick lately - life really does suck!!!

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