Sex me Sunday!

Yummy! Yes, again I was able to indulge in that wonderful 10" dick that just makes my mouth melt thinking about it... The storms caused a serious drought up in the Puzzy household, even tho I did manage to get an exclusive video done for members ONLY so if you wanna check that out you gotta join the site. I have been taking some pictures, nothing real special ~ but something to remind you of the Platinum specialties! Saturday I was up bright and early, super excited about this new business venture and ready to start on the new site that I have been DYING to do for years now. I had some emails about buying my panties, and various other lingerie items so I took the time to photograph them and build some pages and links to sell those. Why not? Shit, I got a TON of that stuff... and it's time for NEW STUFFThe bad thing is, that I have taken on a new feeder who sends me take out, packages with non-parishable food and money for lots and lots of food.. so I have gained like 12lbs already! I went from a size 22 to 24 in a few weeks. I hit the scale at the beginning and I was weighing in at about 262 and now I just weighed myself and it peeked 274!! Do I like this? I am still VERY confused about the whole thing. I thought that 400 would be a reasonable goal, but do I REALLY want to be 400lbs? I think I can be sexy no matter what size.. and that remains to be seen. We shall see if I have LOYAL feeders and committed fat infatuated fans.
Aside from that, the dick was ON point as always... Saturday I got a call that I had mail and I laughed cuz I love that movie "You Got Mail" with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan... when I went outside to check my mail he was in his truck. How cute... he whistled at me and pretended he was trying to hit on me. He got a bit of a surprise when I was like "I'm gay sweety, good luck" and walked inside the house. I was just going along with the fantasy cuz I wouldn't walk up to the truck and cake with some strange dude in my own neighborhood. Anyways, he came in the house and just grabbed my face... and told me how beautiful I was and that he hasn't stopped thinking about me since the last time we were together. *I had a slight relapse and remembered something similar that happened with the bootycall BEFORE him in the same area of the house LOL* But I brushed that out my head and concentrated on the very nice looking man in front of me lathering me with sweet compliments. I had on a cute little sun dress and NO panties, no bra... so I ran to the stairs... and he saw EVERYTHING as I ran upstairs (which was my point) we made it upstairs, and he kissed my juicy, fat pussy VERY nice. It's been a while since I have had some really good head. He then flipped me over and fucked the shit outta me.. YEE HAW!! ~~and on to sweet dreams I went~~
Umm, what else? Project Remodel is back in effect... and I think I am going to hire hot local guys to cum do various projects so I can film them working and then WORKING me!! Ha... I have voyeur cams set up so while this takes place (the naked painting and sexy tile grouting) you can see what goes on in the house of a porn star.. which its ALWAYS dirty and grimey! Ask me more about how YOU can get involved and watch the action. My hot ass girlfriend is definitely good with tools.. and well, you will just have to see how that results!
That covers everything for right now... updates are in for the sites so check em all out! Muahz Kari~~