OMG I am sooo sick!!

Howdy fellas! First and foremost, I have to give a complete THANK YOU to my feeder who hooked me up this weekend! He is definitely making sure that I get nice and fat!! Well MORE fat lol. I had a VERY productive weekend. Camming was great! The guys were totally cool, no crazy requests or assholes expecting major difficult performances for $1min. If you only knew how unreasonable these guys can be, it has made camming very unpleasant for quite a while and probably the reason I do it very little. But, now I am back in the FULL swing of things and will be camming nearly everyday. I wore the outfit as seen in the pictures above. Definitely feeling PINK!! So, I feel some relief from my financial woes.... and earning it makes it MUCH better. Thanks to all those who bought some of my super duper specials as seen here: Complete VIP special - 12 mths on, 30 min ofcam & phone (including girl girl & live fuck sessions), 12 mths ofnaughty text messages/picture mail/video mail to your cell phone,YOUR choice of 2 exclusive videos, personalized promo packet, TOPlist of my MYSPACE page (as well as other profiles), access to myPERSONAL phone number AND special person to person rates andexclusive meet N greet invitations. *High priority travel options*$100Platinum special - 6 mths on, 10 min of cam &phone(including girl girl & live fuck sessions), ONE month of naughtytext messages/picture mail/video mail to your cell phone,YOUR choiceof 2 exclusive videos, TOP list of my MYSPACE page (as well as otherprofiles) $50
Announcing the break out of my new site for my fetish followers where you will find all my "fetish" labeled videos from dom/sub, eating/gaining videos, foot fetishes, etc. So for those who aren't really into the hardcore stuff, but have specific fetishes they want to see fullfilled in my video collection that's your special place! Want to volunteer to BE in a video? Email me and we can discuss options and arrangements.
So the booty call came over and we did some couples cam shows last night. That was my way of sneaking some dick into some work! Woohoo... we had fun fuckin for YOU! Aside from that, I was approached by the flyest chick I have seen in a long time who wants to get into the business. You guys are going to go nuts when you see her!! But... don't leave me behind when you do ya heard?? LOL But she is fuckin beautiful and has some awesome experience in some kinky shit =- so I am looking to find a couple of my northern cali guys who wanna help fly me out to the bay area and get a room... so that we can meet ofcourse and then she can come by and show me her freakiness!! Toys, dom/sub - yes I am going to be HER sub - NEVER DONE BEFORE! You know Goddess Platinum does Sub for NO ONE... but her eyes are mesmerizing and I just have to submit!! Hahaha... shhhh don't tell anyone! I am such a pussy whore! I fuckin love it! Are YOU in the Bay area-interested in meeting us-send me an email! Looking for video volunteers, and date$ who wanna go out on the town with Ms Kim Love - and myself! 2 hot sexy bbw's... and guaranteed to go home with us? What more could you ask for? Well, time to get some more video editing done!! Well that instead of camming cuz a fat girl is HELLA sick! I have a nasty cold that has me up in here all stuffy and sneezing... coughing and it hurts! My throat feels like razors ahhh so I am over dosing on nyquil, tylenol sinus and cold, halls cough drops, and a ton of other meds to kick this damn cold OUT! Til later... ciao!