What's up ya'll? Yeah, I have a little southern hospitality in me from being down south for a while... Anyways, someone asked me what my sexual preferences were. What I like, what I don't like... etc so I figured I would put it out there for my readers.

1. What is your favorite position and why? DOGGY STYLE no doubt. I love having every inch of a nice cock inside my juicy pussy pounding away and grabbing my fat ass!

2. What are some turn on's? I love a clean, good smelling well dressed man - I love being talked to and mentally made love to. I love being kissed, gently touched, caressed and sensual erotic play. I love to be bit on my neck, and spanked!

3. Are you a moaner, talker or fairly quiet? Well for those who have seen my videos you already know! LOL But, I am a moaner, talker... I would talk more but I hate saying things you aren't sure turns on the person you are fucking... and nothing is more embaressing than to be saying somethin you think is sexy and turns someone one and its not... -- No one wants to be a mood killer!

4. Tell us a fantasy of yours. Well, I have so many. I LOVE roleplay - and I love being in a position of power, and domination. I love to control a person's ability to orgasm. I want to have a huge cock in my control, and have it fuck about 4 or 5 of my girlfriends over and over and NOT cum until I get on top and ride him until he explodes like a volcano!

5. What are some turn off's? Bad smell, poor hygiene, unshaved cock, someone super hairy, shitty attitudes and over arrogance, liars, people who make promises and don't keep them, and ofcourse those who make me feel like I should HAVE to do something instead of letting me do it because I want to.

6. Where is the craziest place you have had sex? at the beach.. I know nothing REALLY exciting - but who knows, some definite escapades are in my near future!

7. Where is a place you would like to have sex? At the movies or in the rain BROAD daylight and in public

8. Does size REALLY matter? In most cases NO. I am a mental fucker, meaning I like someone to break me down (genuinely not with LIES) but verbal and mental stimulation make me hotter than a burning flame! Once they have broken me down and have me fully intrigued, then its pretty much anything they do and touch from there sets me into bliss. I have had smaller dicks that hit that G spot perfect and had me squirting all over the place.

9. Is there someone in the business you would like to work with and fuck? YES! Shane Diesel, Mr Marcus, Lexington Steele, Inferno, Richard Mann just to name a few but there are PLENTY of big black cocks that get this pussy wet!

10. How about any female porn stars? Yes... lawd yes. Farah Fox, Reyna Cruz, Anna Lynne, Juicy Little Fat Girl, AriesBBW, Carrie of Carrieland.com, Karmah Sutra & so many more!

11. What's on YOUR wishlist for the up and coming holidays? Toys... toys... and more fun toys! I need a double ended dildo (18") a strap on, a rabbit and a controllable vibrator that hooks up to the pc and my cam show viewers can control the vibe themselves!

That's all for now guys! If YOU have any questions YOU want answered, please feel free to email me platinumpuzzy@gmail.com OR hit EMAIL ME >> to your right! Ciao for now!