If you could be a fly on the wall, or a guest in our room.. Mimi Melons and I have been having a blast! I woke up Friday morning about 11am... and got the hotel booked. I needed to get away for the weekend (and could have been in YOUR town...) but since no one was for real about meeting me or touching me hehehe we stayed here and just got the suites I love to stay at. Great hospitality, lovely pool and jacuzzi which we forgot to christen tonight as we always do when we CUM here! Got everything packed up, which I realized I sold most of my lingerie on EBay so its definitely time to re-up *hint hint* anyways, headed out to check in and picked up Mimi and headed to the telly. On the way out there, I wanted to stop at the adult store and check out the price of a strap on and double ended dildo. I found the wonder woman costume I really want to have and it was in my size!!Couldn't get it cuz it was just not a need item. I didn't get the strap on because it was a little bit out of my price range. BUT I did get the 18" double ended dildo. I saw so many things there that I want... thinking about getting a job there! LOL so... I had a fan email me about coming and watching us do some cam shows live so he named the right price and I figured why not. We ordered chinese food, and started doing our shows - which went very well. We did fairly decent for the first night of our "working vacation" and had fun doing it. I enjoy hanging out with Mimi cuz we are so much alike and silly. The food got here and I was butt ass naked right by the door which was funny. The little chinese guy looked like he wanted to "taste" but I don't think it would have been the food. Hahaha... We chowed down on the chinese and then got horny and decided to chow down on each other. We broke out the double ended dildo and since I lost our bet - I got to take that bad boy first. I TOOK 9" ... and she fucked me hard! You know I had to repay the kindness.. or lack thereof so when she bent over to start getting the new dildo named "Double Dragon" I surely gave her a nice cum enticing pounding! After about 30 minutes of some hardcore playtime - we had to go pick up Cheri, and then went to the store. While there, ofcourse I was looking hella sexy - these guys were whistling and what not so we talked and caked it up for a few. The driver was cute, but the passenger was even better. We decided we wanted some dick - but I wanted to test the "package" so I walked over to the car (one to let him see me walking... and two.. to feel his dong and see what kind of package I was signing for) So I had him open the door, I squatted down and grabbed his dick. WOW!!!!!!!!! This cat had a good 8" SOFT! Yes... baby you can cum over! So he gave me his number and I gave him mine (thank God for prepaid cell phones since my regular one is off :( help? LOL) He called about an hour later and said he was coming thru. So Mimi and I got dressed and ready smelling all good in shit... about 1am some one was at the door so we opened it with our nitey's on. The guys were nearly intimidated when they saw what we do, and was concerned we were going to film it. We eased their minds with a mouthful and it didn't take long for them to relax. Mimi was suckin the dude off he damn near busted right then and there! My guy was a pro.. yeah - he knew what the fuck he was doing and damn near suffocated me by closing the airways to my lungs thru my throat with his HUGE cock! I almost gave up and turned it down but you know my pussy was throbbin and cravin that big dick in my pussy so finally I get to feel it! A-fuckin-mazing! That cock pounded my pussy like... a train!...yes baby... and he was so good.. indeed this brotha had skills! Yummy thinking about it. It was about 3am and the boys had to leave... so Mimi and I came back and did some NITEFLIRT calls. Edited some VIDEOS and got my updates ready for www.platinumplumpas.com ... another hard day of work in my world. Anyone want to join me???? Til next time - gonna rest the pussy from the sore fuckin of Mr MONSTER cock!