A week of change, confusion, accomplishment and more

Yeah, it's been a week - I know - not really much to blog about, and been on a super grind since I am leaving on the 22nd for NYC for a week and I have no laptop. So that's a week with NO access to you guys! Ahhh...Christmas is coming and I am going to have to figure something out and get myself a laptop as a gift to me! LOL Anyways, for those of you who wanna $see$ me in NY, hit me up on EMAIL ~ aside from that working on my CAM SITE - getting updates together and ready for tomorrow on my MAIN SITE. The weather is starting to cool down... and I am SOOO ready to throw some wood in the fireplace and warm up my house with a nice fire. I wish I had someone to fuck me nice and long right next to it! Speaking of fuckin... booty call came over to welcome me back... and say good bye since I am leaving again for NYC this week, and when I get back I will only be home a few days before I take off again to Houston & Albuquerque. It was just a quickie, but what a good one it was. I mentioned the fireplace but we were already done before we got a chance to get the wood in the fireplace LOL ... Needed something to get my nut off cuz I've been without for a hot minute! Let me get back to work... not really feelin to chatty today but realized I hadn't blogged in a week. ~Muahz - ciao!