Productive much today? Yes AND no... woke up this morning and handled my household duties, ate breakfast... yanno showered and all the normal stuff your supposed to do. Then I got a call from an ex that happens to be home for a few days from deployment and then going to Iraq so he was wondering if he could bring me some shot glasses he got me on cruise. Ofcourse I said yes, cuz even though his dick isn't all that big... its curved and hits my G spot DIRECTLY making me squirt all over him over and over! Matter of fact, the first time I did squirt he thought I pee'd and was in shock because he had never had anyone squirt before. I had never squirt THAT hard... so both of us were like WTF? Anyways, when he left we weren't exactly on the best of terms because he failed to show up SEVERAL times when he said he was coming over and I hate that - PET PEEVE! So he got here, and you know I had to get HELLA sexy... I mean I had the short skirt going with a cleavage showing tank... dick sucking lips poked out and fuck me eyes on blast, sprayed some Vera Wang Princess (my favorite perfume) and answered the door looking like I was a dollar instead of a dime! I opened the door, and his mouth bout hit the floor. He was like "Damn.. I forgot how fuckin sexy you are.." And let me add I forgot to wear panties LOL We sat down, he gave me the glasses and proceeded to give me a story about each and every one... there were 12 so at 4 I was like, "Listen, I love the stories but a bitch needs some of that curvy dick.... you want some?" The look was a kodak moment. He immediately raised his eyebrow but took a minute to respond. Initially I was mad, like wtf is there to think about? but when he came over and pulled my skirt up and started licking my pussy, I was definitely reconsidering my first impression. Damn that tongue felt SO good on my clit! I thought I was going to cum right away, but he teased me ... and eventually licked me to the point my leg nearly cramped! When he was done his dick was ROCK hard you could see it through his jeans... so I proceeded to go down and make sure my mouth tasted every inch of his dick... balls... even went back to the booty hole. Yes, I lick SOME asses... lol not long after that he was dying to get the dick wet...and when he stuck it in... WOW - it felt like it was 10" big cuz my pussy was so tight and just yearning for him to pound me! So he gently inserted his dick in my juicy, wet, fat pussy... and WOW progressively started fucking me harder and harder and BAM!!!!!!!!! I fuckin squirted so hard I got a charlie horse! .. but that didn't stop us... kept going me on top, me on the bottom, and definitely with him behind my fat ass until he blew his load and came so hard I thought he was going to lose conciousness. I left him laying there with the sheer look of joy and relief on his face. I had to start getting ready for cam shows... he left and begged me to see me later. I just agreed and let him out. Got on Niteflirt and got some calls, added my blog to top lists, chatted with many - turned in my update for tomorrow, edited video for, and ofcourse.... played! And that's what I am going to do now! Muahz