Fuck Fantasies

You want to ask specific questions about me, my life or what I think about something? EMAIL ME and I will answer your questions in a blog because more than likely someone else has wondered the same thing and that just saves me wasting time repeating myself. Unfortunately, it's just come to a time where I have to have better time management and eliminate chatting that is redundent. So - today's question was from ~BBWFlavaSava~ in Southern California and he writes "Do you have fantasies, and if so... what are they" and what a freakin loaded question THIS is. I have TONS of fantasies from seductive romance onto a more exploration fetish forum. Here is ONE of my fantasies.
~I have a fan who I have been speaking to frequently for a while now... and he decides to fly me to where he lives. I get to the airport wearing something relatively comfortable and with the cold weather on the rise - more like a thin sweat suit and tennis shoes. He greets me with roses, a big hug and a nice kiss. We leave the airport, hit some stores as he wants to get me something very sexy to wear out with him. I try on different outfits for him and eventually we find a short skirt that he likes, pair it up with a strapless tube top and some sexy heels. Next, we go to a nice restaurant... get some food and some drinks. I am VERY attracted to him, and he seems really nice so far. As we are sitting there talking and getting comfortable, I notice that he keeps adjusting his chair... and later even figure out that its his dick that he is adjusting from being turned on and hard. I decide to take the heel of my shoe and gently grind it against his hard dick. He likes this very much judging by the look on his face and even more erect anatomy. I take off the shoe, and push a little bit harder against his dick with my bare foot, rubbing it up and down... HE REALLY LIKES THIS! Obviously we are quite distracted, but he wants to wait. Unwind some more and see more of his great city. So we leave the restaurant, and he takes me to a really nice club. Once we get in, you get us drinks - Long Island Iced Tea for me please. We sit at a little table and watch everyone having a good time... I give you a little lap dance and sip on my drink. You say "Let's go dance..." so we do and ofcourse the fellas are checking us out thinking how they want them a fat ass bbw to ride that dick.. but ofcourse they front behind the haterisms to disguise their love for fat girls. We dance, closely - rubbing against each others parts. Finally after a few drinks, and some very close play - we decide to leave. No more teasing, it's TIME. We get in the car and you are insanely in a hurry to get to our final destination. I tell you to slow down, and reach over to your pants, unbutton them and pull out your dick. You are beaming hard! So I start licking it and gently gliding your head between my lips. I don't want to do too much and cause an accident so I just rub it. FINALLY - we are here! We race to the door, and once we are in the house - we shut the door and immediately begin kissing. As we are kissing our clothes are coming off and before you know I am bent over the sofa as you lick my pussy from behind. You tell me I taste so good... then I begin to show your hard dick attention with my mouth. You bend me over again, only this time to stick your hard dick inside my VERY wet pussy. ~ And we go at it until we can't take it anymore. ~ TO BE CONTINUED. :)