HOUSTON here i am :)

So far Houston has been good to me. My good friend CJ picked me up from the airport and we went straight to eat. Chili's was aiight... nothing spectacular but enough to fill my fat ass up and get the nap syndrome. Went back to his place, he had to go into the office so I crashed on the sofa... hadn't had sleep in about a million hours and the flights were LONG so... nappy nap for me. Got up about 7ish - got my ass in the shower and prettied up the Platinum face. Headed to this place in the Rice Village called Big Easy off Kirby - not far from Rice. Loved the music, the atmosphere and the people. Most of them stopped and said hi... the bartender was a cutie but no booty, but hella sweet and hooked up ya girl. We chilled there while watching Luther and the Healers - LIVE JAZZ. Yah I know you are thinking wtf? I am so down to earth, diverse and cool as hell and this place he wanted me to go to... and sure enough I liked it. Now its not somewhere I would spend hours on end - but surely enjoyed the couple we were there. From there we bounced to get some grub cuz I haven't eaten since NOON and it's around 11pm so fat girl is HUNGRY ~ So we hit this Mexican food place in River Oak called Rucchi's Mexican... Mmmm fuckin delicious food - now I am here blogging and puttin up the pics for everyone to see. All smiles - no ass yet - but don't fret the night isn't over yet!
Can't wait to shoot with Kim44JJJ - and L, yes mmm he is so fly and she is hotter than a ... she just fuckin hot! LOL We leave for Dallas Saturday. Wish me luck! Ciao...