I'm finally home!!!

It's 6am, my flight just took off from Hobby airport in Houston Tx and I am grateful for the great people I met, sad at the ones who flaked on me, and damn happy to be headed back home. It's been a VERY long night of no sleep, new experiences CAUGHT ON FILM for your viewing pleasure and my pussy is screaming for some time off! L came and got me around 10-ish and when we got back the cams weren't working so we by passed the cam shows... not many of you showed interest anyways so we grabbed the video cam and started filming some tantilizing head game, passionate pussy eating and FANTASTIC squirting! yeah, L finger fucked the hell out of me to where the juices just came flying out! ~He did try the fisting on me for the first time and I didn't like it - at all. Then he laid me down, fucked the shit out of me until I squirted a waterfall of juices (again) and kissed me so passionately! these videos are hot... can't wait to get them up! Well Blade got to be my camera man for a night - the new set will be up tomorrow "Hoein in Houston" so check that out on the SITE. Camming is officially back in effect on NITEFLIRT and with a new male friend and ofcourse the sexy girlfriends. Mimi and I are planning on hooking up this weekend so you know that always leads to some hot stuff.... but I am home now - exhausted but glad to be here. Catch you on cam in the am :)