My perfect man

If you are wondering where these photos came from they are the proof of my night out and about with the girls... where we tore the club up southern style! It was a friend's birthday and I couldn't pass up chillin VIP style with the crew... We got tore up before we ever left the house with Malibu coconut rum, grenadine and pineapple juice... MMmm my new favorite fruity drink. Once we got their I chugged Long Island Iced Teas... and continued my night of foot loose and fancy free dancin my ass off! I smiled ALL night so much that my cheaks hurt from it. We went to breakfast following our evening of fun and then it was time to go home. *alone* :(
Many of you have asked, and I am going to break it down now right here. WHAT KIND OF MAN DOES PLATINUM SEE HERSELF SETTLING DOWN WITH? That is such a loaded question.. because I thought that I was easy to please, but turns out I'm really not. The downfall which really isn't even a downfall its more of an inconvenience that you later appreciate because it makes your love life less dramatic - but I am picky. I love TYRESE GIBSON. If you don't know who he is, he is an R&B artist with hits like "Signs of Love Making" "How You Gonna Act Like That" & more. He just makes my heart melt, and I could see myself cuddling on movie night - and ofcourse 2.5 minutes in I would be all over him like white on rice! LOL Why Tyrese? For one, he just seems super down to earth. The kind of guy that would take you to a nice restaurant and show you the finer things, yet still got that street knowledge and not too good to hit up Fat Burger. He is from Southern California (so am I) so that is a huge plus. The fact that he is incredibly sexy helps... he is irresistable. He can sing, act, and I am sure he can bang my brains out but make love at the same time. Does size matter? If I said no I would be lying - cuz I am fat, so I can't work with no little nothin.... but does it have to be huge NO. He looks like is average... but I could be wrong! ~I would LOVE to find out!~ I see him being the kind of guy who is respectful, giving and kind hearted... but can beat a dudes ass if he stepped to you wrong or was disrespectful. A good dresser... not suits and ties (at least not unless the occassion calls for it) but I like a fashionable ghetto but not sloppy look. I LOVE Pharrell and the his regular wardrobe. A skater tshirt, DC's, baggy jeans and a trucker hat - with the hanging chain to his wallet. SEXY.... yes indeed. I can't deny a man in uniform tho, that is SUPER SEXY too. Or even a tux or a suot. I need a guy who can hold a conversation, intelligent but not the know it all type. Compassionate, about life and people in general but not a sappy bitch. Secure with himself, confident but not conceited. ROMANTIC, yes I like romance and more of the thoughtful gestures not the all out big time purchase kind of thing. For example, I come home from a long trip and he picks me up from the airport with a dozen roses. We kiss, and when we get in the car there is card on the seat that says I MISSED YOU!! Welcome home baby! We go home, he pulls a bath for me... and proceeds to give me a bath... when I get out he brushes my hair and massages lotion over my entire body... then passionately kisses my entire body which will have me either 1) asleep or more than likely 2) all turned on - hot and bothered. You know what comes next.

So there are some intimate details about the man I dream about. ~ Now I am off to bed at 8am to dream about him... Night night!