Tour 08 almost over.... 09 here I come!

The day didn't go anything like it was planned. BBW Sera Raven was supposed to come get me at 11am and we would head to lunch, grab some food and go back to her place to shoot. Unfortunately, she wasn't feeling well so she cancelled the day of. I can't lie, I'm disappointed. Seems that a large part of this trip has turned out this way, however doesn't mean I have to be all ill about it and let it take my good mood. I think she is really cool, and understand that sometimes you just aren't in the mood to shoot. Who am I to talk? I have been in Houston for several weeks and very shocked at how little content I have actually done. Its ok, I just got the call from L who shot all the stuff I have done since being here and he is coming to get me to make my last night full of cam shows, photos and some more video work so let me get dressed and ready so when he calls, Im all ready to go! Catch ya lata!!! ~~Boy girl fuckin cam shows available TONIGHT only!~~