Who says that big girls don't cry? Well, I didn't cry but I sure came close! Been here a while and getting home sick. Things didn't work out the way they were supposed to, missing my flight to Albuquerque and having the remainder of my ticket CANCELLED which left me STUCK in Houston. Luckily SOMEONE made sure I got home so I was able to get the ticket and scheduled to fly home Thursday bright and early. I have enjoyed my time here for the most part, thank GOODNESS to a VERY good friend that put me up and put up with me! TY Blade... you've been very good to me and I appreciate it. Big up's and thanks to BBW Dolce who really came thru for me. Last night I wanted to get out the house so Blade could have some alone time with a lady friend and Dolce put some moves together to ensure I would have something to do, somewhere to go and someone to look out for me. I ended up with her brother who was HELLA cool. He was dj'ing for a local club/bar so we went there. A bunch of her friends were there so they accepted me in their little click and made me feel at home. That was so nice! Houston folks are relatively very friendly people. That doesn't go without saying, ofcourse I did see some shady shit - but all in all everyone was cool people. Danced to some old school, booty music, hip hop - no country or "tejuana" but definitely shook a tail feather. I met this kid that was barely 21 who I just found to be SOOO fuckin cute! He bought me a beer and we talked. He was polite at first, just chattin it up, buying drinks, dancin and chillin. Eventually he started rubbing my feet, my shoulders, and kissing my neck. You know what time it is? Time to eat ofcourse! hahah After that, we stopped at an authentic mexican food chain called Tequiera Aranda for a chimichanga and some beans n rice. Yummy :) Although at this point, I am all Mexican food OUT. He made sure I was nice and full but not without stopping by his house where he greeted me with a wet passionate kiss!.... Mmmmm I love a good kisser and that he was. It wasn't more than 30 seconds before our clothes were off and he had me on the sofa riding his VERY nice size cock. He wrapped it with a rubber ofcourse, glided inside my hot, wet pussy and fucked me like a champ! I was a little unsure because of his age, but homeboy gave it to me like a pro! It felt SO good, curved in just the right spot that it hit my G spot no matter how we did it. Once he got enough of me riding and squirting all over his lap, we left the sofa and headed to his bed where he began passionately licking, kissing and sucking every sultry inch of my body. He licked my pussy pretty decent, and then got on top of me and proceeded to fuck the shit out of me some more. STAMINA anyone? I suggest a young buck anyday!! Mmm... 2 hrs of mind bogglin and pleasin sex, it was time to wash up and go home. Stayed at B's house, got up bright and early and got breakfast from this little hole in the wall *not very good food* but a quaint little joint, and off the Memorial Mall to shop. I saw some VERY sexy pieces at Torrid... some lingerie and some nice sexy dresses. Christmas is coming soon so keep ya favorite fat fuckable freak in mind :)

Came back to Blade's crib and he cooked a very nice grilled chicken and mushroom dish. Very nice, we watched football and ofcourse it was then time for me to do updates. I am curious to see if the "wonder kid" will call :) Smiles - til next time!