Fuck if I know....

As you can see, there are 2 new videos that have been added to http://www.platinumpuzzy.net/ - I am going to cover the business first then hit the personal stuff. These are both videos from the same shoot, just broken into 2 seperate videos for fetish reasons and because it was too damn long with them together. The first one, Backdoor Beatdown is anal at its finest with a hot cum shot at the end. The second is 2 bbc fuck me and leave me with a hot ass filled creampie :) I made them the cheapest clips4sale would allow, in efforts to stay competative and affordable. Ofcourse I am always running specials so hit me up to find out what I have going on.
On http://platinumplumpas.com/ you will find some new photo updates and new videos coming this Friday. The video is titled "Puzzy Squirts" and features a pussy licking squirt scene where my juices go flying everywhere and definitely leave nothing to be un-wet. This is a members only exclusive video so you gotta cop your membership to see the full length video!! It's well worth it...
~Now onto what's been going on. Well, once I returned from my trip I ran into some drama at the home front. My girlfriend is off the chain these days, and has gone on this crazy dick spree leaving everyone else to pick up the pieces of her self destruction and disaster. My house was a mess, and that had to be fixed immediately. Among other issues was the job situation which the company folded Friday and we were offered positions with the new firm. Good news and bad news, the good news is that yes I still have a job but the bad news is under different terms and pay scale. I am taking it because I have to maintain my finances and it is the holidays. I am not going to be able to do much for the family, but will make up for it with my income tax return. Any of you want to help? Let me know... I am giving out MEGA hot deals for ALL services for those who either send items or momey to purchase. You aren't donating for free, you will get services and goods NO Doubt!
Sunday, I went into a violently ill stage. I was rushed to the ER where they poked and prodded me like mad. From my ass, to a catheter in my pussy, to Xrays and a cat scan they definitely took my condition seriously. I was diagnosed with PCOS and the illness was as a result of food poison. Very scary moments I tell ya, but I am feeling better now and back to work tomorrow.
Thanks for all of you who have been there for me, supportive and making me feel better even when I was still pretty ill. Until next time - Muahz - Kari