Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's happening again....

I am sure you are wondering what could be happening "again" and its that I have met someone that just makes me smile, fucks me SO good AND is a nice, genuine guy. We have spent nearly everyday, I cook dinner for him and the girls - the wife Mimi and the girlfriend (well I guess she can still be called that for a title but the actual gf part is no longer... more to come on that) so I have been domesticated and devoted to taking care of my babies lol. Aside from that I have had personal business to tend to, stuff that couldn't be put off any longer I am. As fir the gf situation things with Mimi Melons are wonderful, she has spent the last few days with us here just chillin and we been intending to do cam shows but just hangin out. The gf situation with cheri just went sour... we ended things on that note because she lied to me and continues to about different things. I can't do it anymore. I miss alot of things about what we had, but they are gone and the sooner I face that and move on the better. I think alot of it is now jealousy on the fact that I am seeing C, and we are really enjoying our time with each other ... and she feels like him being over is a slap in the face to her. So I told her she should move. I have needs, and although eating pussy and getting it eaten is all good in the hood, we all know its not the same thing as intimate relations between a man and a woman and at the end of the day I crave that too! Its a different love for a woman than a man... ~and I dont love this kid.. cuz its way too soon... but just the way he makes me feel is different. So that's that in a nut shell. As for business, Im on the cams if you wanna see me - new videos to be put out once L gets in touch with me and helps me with these conversions. Site updates are in

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