What the fuck....

Yeah its been a hot minute since I have kept you abreast of the events going on in my life, and sadly enough the last entry is now done. Unfortunately he just stopped all communications with me... no reason explanation or nothing. Hurt like hell and I went thru a little bit of heartache, but bouncin back... for the holidays. Just in time to get sick again and end up back in the hospital on Christmas! Doesn't THAT suck? Indeed it did... but I am out now. Recovering with lots of new videos, updates on the plumpas and cam shows goin strong! Obviously, due to my inability to leave the hospital, California and Vegas got cancelled. SUCKS... but I had to have left the 27th... and due to my health and being on Top Flight lockdown at Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville, FL that wasn't happening so things have slightly changed. Pipe of Pipenewsonline.com is having a big shindig on the 17th of January so Imma go to that and Mimi Melons will be accompanying me. I am going to hit some places along the way. Boston is a must to check out Mr Vinnie Diesel... Washington DC... Virginia... and many others so be ready when I get up there!
I miss the good lovin of the new kid that bounced. Our last night together he fucked me for a good hour straight bangin the hell out of my pussy. I enjoyed him alot in more than just a sexual way... my feelings and my pussy are hurt and mourning!! LOL Keep me in your prayers and naughty thoughts!