Missing in Action - where is Platinum Puzzy???

This question has been asked over and over again. For those who don't have yahoo messenger - Platinum Puzzy has been off the face of the map. Am I back? I don't know... I am going through some things in my life where I am questioning the benefit vs. the life sacrifices I make on a daily basis. This industry can take alot out of you both financially and mentally - so I am analyzing whether I have what it takes to stay strong, dedicated and sexy for you guys. OFCOURSE there are factors that play a role in my absence. The man I began seeing in my last posts is still very much a part of my life, and because of my desire to settle down I thought the right thing to do was to leave the business. However, I have invested so much thus far that to completely leave would seem hasty. SO... where does that leave ME and YOU? In limbo for now, so if you see me online TAKE advantage LOL... I am working on some new content with Mimi Melons, and going to fix the hault of updates on all the sites so for those of you who had long term memberships, you will definitely be pleased to know that there is fresh new shit coming VERY soon. ALSO, I have crashed 3 computers and ALL of my content was on the hard drives... including the external hard drive that housed EVERYTHING. It sucks and costs alot to get the data... but Im working on it! anyways... gotta get back to work, lots to do!