WOW!! Fuck me running~

First and foremost, I am SOOOOOO excited to announce the contest ~ more details to follow. The story behind the contest is that I bought them to take the guy I was seeing. That's OVER... he just didn't give me ANY attention and made me feel like I had to BEG to hear from him let along see him and we all know that is NOT cool. I needed to get fucked too - and with him still in the picture I wasn't going to be with someone else so fuck it... cut him loose. Now I have 2 pairs of Jordans size 13 and 2 tickets to the Celtics game and I need a date. The shoes I am going to throw on Craigslist (to SELL) and the tickets we will see who wins the change to attend the game with me!!

Aside from that, I have moved on quite quickly. I am actually SEEING a fan... someone who has been following me for a while now. The sex is AMAZING... there is now a new meaning to "Make it Rain" which will be the title of my new video which contains MASSIVE squirting! Yeah... he tapped into my built up frustrations and water line and soaked my bedroom! Your hired babe! So that just goes to show that I do meet the fans, and in some cases it can go further!

I made a new video scheduled to be on NITEFLIRT 3 minutes of "Oil Me Up" which contains me lubing up my 42 D's and playing with my nipples. Available for private sale as well. Cam shows are running pretty consistantly now... so get yours while I have them priced $1 minute.

Lots to get done today, still remodeling and getting organized now that I am all alone in my house. :) catch you lata!


BBWwatcher said…
That is an AWESOME contest. Too bad it's all the way in Atlanta...