Just me... what's REALLY goin on - no biz talk

I went back and read some of my past blogs, and realize that spend ENTIRELY too much blog space on just business stuff... so this one is dedicated to a more personal side of me.
So what's playing on my IPOD? I have a nice lil playlist of songs I am diggin on...
1. Electrik Red - So Good
2. The Dream - MY Love
3. Bobby Valentino - Hands On Me
4. Busta Rhymes - Arab Money
8. Kid Cudi - Day n Night
9. Ray J - Sexy Ladies (I got LOVE for Ray J... shoulda had ME on there)
10. Lil Wayne & Trina - Download
I start back to a regular job Monday. I work for an attorney doing financial litigation... I am not only a fat ass freak... I am also an intelligent one. Diverse at best, fit in just about anywhere. The best of ALL worlds... the kind of woman that has just enough of everything to make it twirk!

It's the weekend, I was supposed to be in Miami and go see my cutty from Exxxotica last year ... but due to some minor issues I wasn't able to make it. So it really gave me alot of time to work on things online, get my house in order and time to chill. Next weekend I need a date! I have a close friend that wants to take his new lady friend out but doesn't want to go alone so he wants me to bring a date... HELLO? I AM SINGLE.. anyone wanna go with me? LOL

Mr Big Stuff is back, and has been over SEVERAL nights this week! He won't do cam shows (sorry guys) due to his job, but damn he just has this pussy sprayin like a water hose everywhere! My next purchase will be a new bed set cuz he has terrorized my poor bed! ~He eats my pussy like crazy too, which is VERY much a change since most guys don't have a clue what to do or just don't do it... spreads them lips open and goes in like he is givin my lips CPR LOL :)
I went and saw the new Fast & the Furious movie... and spent the entire time fantasizing about Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel and whoever plays the Mia chick... very hot cast! And you know I have a thing for tricked out fast cars and TOTALLY in love with Bikes... I want one SO bad...
~ I am single AND looking!~ I am going to start a page that defines EXACTLY what I look for in a man cuz I don't want to have to answer the same questions OVER and OVER.. so stay tuned for that! Imma run... much love to you all... and can I get some dick tonight???